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In our short time on earth- it’s rare to be a part of something exceptional. Even rarer still, to link arms with an exceptional human, whose passion ignites a movement that changes the world. It is not to say these people don’t exist. Many times, brilliance is dulled by the constraints of external or self-imposed expectations for education and employment. However, when given the opportunity to shine- that brilliance is impossible to contain, and wherever it shines- it creates a lasting impact. Exceptional humans create an exceptional world to live in.

One such exceptional individual is Stephanie Goodman. The Parkinson’s Art of Expression (PARTE) is her movement. Stephanie has combined decades of training, knowledge, and passion to design a program that shines a spotlight of awareness and enlightenment on Parkinson’s Disease, exposing a vulnerable point in its grip- THEATER! This training manual is the fruit of months’ worth of hours of research on the “Why” behind the success of this therapy. While much research on theatrical principles for mood and movement is available, it’s been through her own seeking, Stephanie has uncovered buried secrets of the brain and movement, unspoken possibilities of imagination and neurological restoration for individuals with PD.

With the support of a 2020 Parkinson’s Foundation Community Grant, you have the amazing opportunity to be a part of something truly brilliant and exceptional. Prepare yourself to be moved to your core by the beauty of movement, expression, creativity, and imagination that is Parkinson’s -The Art of Expression.

Sarrisa A. Curry
President and Founder, Head Coach
The Parkinson’s Exercise and Wellness Center

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